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Shaurya is a sophomore at Stanford studying Management Science and Engineering. He is a serial entrepreneur who has started companies in the fintech and agritech sector. Shaurya spent his last summer as a consultant in the New Delhi office of McKinsey & Company where he worked in the Corporate and Investment Banking Division. At Stanford, he is involved with the Blyth Fund and loves conducting due diligence on public companies. He loves to play golf, chess and listening to podcasts.

Shan is a sophomore at Stanford University studying Symbolic Systems, with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. Shan spent his last summer on the business development team at, and is currently angel investing in early-stage technology companies as a Sequoia Scout. He worked in healthcare data science at Owned Outcomes and taught computer science and AI fundamentals in India with InspiritAI. Shan was also the Business Team Director and Financial Officer at The Stanford Daily, Stanford's leading student-run publication.

Carlo is a sophomore at Harvard University, studying statistics and economics. He formerly founded NoWaPo, a startup that helped to empower entrepreneurs outside of the traditional innovation hubs through sourcing investment opportunities in emerging markets for partnering VC firms. Originally from Hamburg, Germany, Carlo is on the board of the European Student Organization. He spent his last summer working at DTCP's growth equity devision. In his free time, Carlo enjoys skiing, mountain biking, and deep conversations with his friends.

Scott is a junior at Cornell University’s Hotel School, studying Finance, Accounting and Real Estate. Scott previously spent time at Jottful, a SaaS company and NewCo, a San Francisco AI startup. Scott was previously the Co-Director of Consulting for MPowered, University of Michigan’s largest entrepreneurship club. In his free time, Scott enjoys talking to imaginative founders, preferably over espresso.

Liam Anthony is studying Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and Business at UC Berkeley through the Management, Entrepreneurship, and Technology program. As a former healthcare startup founder, Liam’s passion lies in empowering startups that aim to change the world. Liam believes that true passion is infectious and enjoys meeting with founders. As an avid foodie, come to Liam to talk about cooking or restaurants!

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